About Us

14 years of experience

Faymer Makina Manufacturing Export Limited Company was established in 2006 with the aim of being a competitive company in the production of advanced products and subsystems for the defense industry and automotive industry, and carries out high quality and precision manufacturing, design and assembly of sub-parts belonging to various product groups.

In addition to the capacity to produce parts in line with the desired technical specifications with its staff that can meet the engineering studies in many different disciplines required by defense industry products; It carries the vision of being one of the best companies in its field by applying the necessary inspection procedures and packaging demands to complete the contract requirements.

Our Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction
Lower Costs
Continuous Improvement
AS9100 Rev D
Continuous Development
Full Participation

In order to realize the needs and expectations of our customers with an attitude that always aims the best to maximize customer satisfaction by providing them in accordance with legislations, regulations and customer requirements,

To follow and apply technological developments closely to reduce costs and increase profitability,

In the products and services we provide; To manage customer feedback effectively, to ensure effective use of resources by eliminating transactions that do not create value, and to establish a quality management system that prioritizes improvement,

To ensure and enforce applicable conditions by continuously monitoring the effectiveness of the AS9100 Rev D Aviation Space and Defense Management System and making necessary improvements,

We are not content with preserving our current situation and ensuring improvement at every stage,

Top management has established a QUALITY POLICY, which supports the Risk-Opportunity Assessment Plan appropriate to its purpose and context, acts as a framework for the establishment and review of quality targets, in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system, includes a commitment to continuous improvement in its effectiveness, is known and understood by all employees, and its continuous implementation can be evaluated.