How to print labels on mac from address book


  1. Address labels with Apple Contacts and MS Word 2011
  2. How to Print Envelopes from Contacts on Your Mac

First, launch the Contact app.

Address labels with Apple Contacts and MS Word 2011

Hopefully it's all up to date and nice looking since you sync your contacts to iCloud so your iPhone always has the latest info. Find the contact you want to print out, and then press Command-P to get the Print dialog. In the regular sheet that drops down, you will see a preview of what will get printed.

Printing Labels and Envelopes in Mac Address Book

Generally this is an envelope, so if you want some mailing labels this will need some adjustment. Then the sheet will expand out and give you loads more options for configuring how to print things out.

How to Print Envelopes from Contacts on Your Mac

Then you can determine the adjustments for where you want the text to appear on your envelope, and if your return address should be on it, the font to use, etc. After you've set it up how you want it, hit the Print button and you're on your way.

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  3. How Can I Print Address Labels From the MacBook Pro??

Should you desire mailing labels instead, just choose that option from the drop down and feed the printer labels instead of envelopes. Or choose whatever envelope might be appropriate for your needs. This could be annoying if you have a tendency to print a few labels, and then re-use the sheet later.

If your recipient has multiple addresses the default is that all address are printed. You can add an image to your return address of your envelope, such as a logo or photo.

Print envelopes

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